I deliver brand-related talks tailored to your requirements: from team learning sessions through to keynote addresses.

My delivery style is relaxed and approachable. This, coupled with my dry sense of humour, ensures that talks are engaging, entertaining, and above-all-else: informative.

I draw on my experience and knowledge-set to take your attendees through personal brand strategy and the practical considerations when building their personal brands. Themes include:

Personal Branding for Employees

Personal Branding for Entrepreneurs

Personal Branding & Social Media

Please note: With the current COVID-19 pandemic, all talks are held online.


1-on-1 Consulting

Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to secure new business or employed and after a promotion at work, your personal brand is pivotal to your success. As a personal brand strategist, I can help you realise your full-potential through tailored 1:1 online personal brand consulting.

My consulting package is offered on a 3, 6 and 12 month basis depending on your budget and requirements. A minimum of 6 months is recommended as it offers the optimal time to implement key action items, assess impact, and measure results.

The first month of consulting focuses on getting to know you, the work you do, and to understand your goals and ambitions. We’ll use these first two sessions to really unpack the core elements of your personality and to lay a foundation of understanding for your personal brand journey. This culminates in the preparation of a one-page personal brand plan which we will go through at the start of your second month. We’ll use this plan as the basis of our engagements in the subsequent sessions. There are two one-hour sessions per month and these can be planned in advance and aligned to our mutual availability. In between these sessions, 30-minute check-in calls help to keep you on track and aligned with your brand plan.

Session focus can be adjusted to accommodate exciting opportunities, discussion of current projects, or to unpack challenges you may be experiencing with your brand and/or marketing. Building a personal brand can sometimes feel like a lonely journey, and I’m here to guide and encourage you, whilst keeping you accountable.

  • Personalised advice aligned to your specific brand and business needs.
  • Referral to my network of trusted execution partners, should you require it.
  • A sense of accountability as you execute the plan.
  • An external lens on your marketing activities.
  • Recording of the video consultations.
  • Actionable steps to implement.


The half-day (3-hour) workshops are a great way to engage the topic of personal branding. During the session, I unpack the concept and importance of personal branding while sharing practical, real-world examples.

These highly interactive sessions afford participants the opportunity to begin to apply the learnings to their own personal brands and to gain greater clarity on the key themes. The workshop includes the provision of a ‘worksheet template’ as a take-home for attendees to use for personal guidance post the session.

Please note: With the current COVID-19 pandemic, all workshops are held online and on Zoom.

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