I deliver brand-related talks tailored to your requirements: from team learning sessions through to keynote addresses.

My delivery style is relaxed and approachable. This, coupled with my dry sense of humour, ensures that talks are engaging, entertaining, and above-all-else: informative.

I draw on my experience and knowledge-set to take your attendees through personal brand strategy and the practical considerations when building their personal brands. Themes include:

The Fundamentals of Personal Branding

Aligning Business & Personal Branding

Crisis Management & Reputation Building


1:1 Consulting

Are you an executive ready to take charge of your personal brand in today’s fiercely competitive landscape? I offer tailored personal brand consulting services that transform your professional image and enhance your career trajectory.

Through 1:1 consulting, we will unlock your true potential and create a compelling personal brand. We’ll identify your strengths, values, and differentiators, crafting a captivating narrative for your audience.

My consulting packages are offered on a 6-month basis. This timeframe ensures the optimal time to implement key action items, assess impact, and measure results.

The consulting approach revolves around understanding you, your work, and your aspirations. Sessions are flexible to address exciting opportunities, ongoing projects, or challenges you may face with your brand or marketing.

In the initial month, we kickstart with a discovery session, followed by a personal brand audit and the development of a concise 1-page personal brand plan.

Subsequent sessions will focus on providing guidance as you implement the strategies outlined in the plan.

After each online consultation, I’ll promptly email you key highlights and action points aligned with the plan. In-between sessions, check-in calls, emails, or texts will help ensure you stay on track and aligned with your branding goals.

Building a personal brand can be a solitary journey, but I’m here to support, guide, and hold you accountable throughout the process.

  • Establish a strong personal brand, distinguishing yourself as an industry leader.
  • Gain visibility, stand out, and attract new opportunities.
  • Communicate a clear and compelling value proposition to your target audience.
  • Cultivate thought leadership, influencing industry conversations.
  • Unlock career advancement opportunities, including executive roles, speaking engagements, and media appearances.


These in-person workshops are a great way to engage the topic of business and personal brand alignment. During the session, I unpack the concept and importance of personal branding and share practical, real-world examples.

These highly interactive sessions allow participants to begin to apply the learnings to their own personal brands while gaining greater clarity on the business’ brand. The workshop includes the provision of a ‘worksheet template’ as a take-home for attendees to use for personal guidance post the session.

Need help building your personal brand?